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Selvery is a targeted sales accelerator

Selvery is a digital system for creating  and demonstrating the adapted content to a customer with the simultaneous collection of data regarding the sales process.

Selvery will suit your company if you have:

  • Tens or hundreds of salespersons.
  • Tens of products and services.
  • Hundreds or thousands of customers.

Selvery will be helpful if you:

Organize sales.

Create sales presentations.

Look for business innovations.

Do these issues sound familiar?

Salespersons give customers information that is not relevant

wastes time

There is contact but  there are no sales

Company does
not earn money

Customers do not see value in what is offered to them

Company loses
customer loyalty

We know why this happens

No mutual understanding between Product, Marketing and Sales teams, work is being performed in different systems and with different KPI.

Salespersons use one-size-fits-all scripts or send general-purpose presentations with no due regard to a customer’s profile.

Salespersons have no time to prepare a personalized offer for a corporate customer and have it approved by a supervisor.

Sales staff lack experience for instantly segmenting an offer to match a retail customer’s profile.

What does Selvery do?

Selvery stores customer segmentation rules to enable salespersons to profile customers at the moment of handling.

Selvery stores product catalog and content in a modular form to facilitate their maintenance and update.

Upon request, Selvery creates the segmented presentations online to demonstrate them on the customers’ or salespersons’ devices.

Selvery gathers presentation demonstration statistics for evaluating the content’s quality and adherence of the salespersons to the methodology.

What you get

Upgrade of sales staff skills

Creating customized presentations, the salespersons learn to make successful sales to the clients of any type.

Acceleration of sales

The sales staff instantly find presentations suitable for specific customers and make more sales thanks to the unified sales scenarios suitable for different products.

Increase of conversion

A customer makes a decision to buy more willingly because they see and hear compelling arguments.

Pilot projects with Selvery have already been launched in several major Russian telecommunications, insurance and manufacturing companies.

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